Yuneec H520E RTF in Color Box w/ST16S, 2Batteries

Yuneec H520 / ST16 / 2 Baterije / kutija Vrijeme leta do 28 min (E50) Precision compass, low interference ST16S ground station with 7-inch display for 720p live view, including HDMI port for output to external monitors 6 rotors for high levels of safety and precision SDK support Take-off weight under 2 kg in all configurations 2D / 3D mapping capabilityWaypoint, Survey Mode, Point to Fly (incl. offline maps) Very little = Low operating noise Paintwork for increased visibility Energy efficient High satellite coverage (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) CGO-ET – dual camera with two lenses: Low light FHD & Thermal imaging 160×120 px Video transmission range up to 1.6 km (5.8 GHz) Osnovne karakteristike Maksimalna brzina uspona (m/s): 4 m/s Maksimalna brzina spuštanja (m/s): 2.5 m/s Maksimalna brzina leta (m/s): Manual mode 17 m/s, Angle mode 13 ,5 m/s Baterija (mAh): 5250 m

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Osnovne karakteristike Maksimalna brzina uspona (m/s): 4 m/s Maksimalnabrzina spuštanja (m/s): 2.5 m/s Maksimalna brzina leta (m/s): Manualmode 17 m/s, Angle mode 13,5 m/s Baterija (mAh): 5250 m

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Težina 7.9 kg
Dimenzije 48.5 × 30 × 45 cm



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