Vertiv GXT-MT+ 3kVA/2.4kW G2 LI34121CT32

Liebert® GXT MT+ features true on-line double conversion technology, delivering best-in-class power protection for critical applications. Liebert GXT MT+ features an attractive design style, together with an LCD display and synoptic scheme in the front panel for easy use. Load protection is ensured with DSP control technology, wide input voltage operation and high output power factor (0.8). Its small size, the shutdown software included and the maintenance bypass make the Liebert GXT MT+ the perfect and safest choice to protect your critical load.

8,817.86 kn

LI34121CT32, Izlazna snaga 2400 W, Tehnologija Online Doubleconversion, Izlazni napon 230 V, Ulazni napon 230 V, Vrijeme punjenja4 h, Komunikacija USB & RS232

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Težina 27.24 kg
Dimenzije 32 × 56 × 47 cm



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